Senior Moving

Moving can be a hassle at any age. But it only gets harder as you get older. In addition to packing up keepsakes and leaving home where your children took their first steps, simply packing and lifting boxes can be back-breaking work. So when it's time to move, seniors rely on experienced moving professionals to help them. seniors, DS Movers to make their relocation quick, easy and painless.

The team at Ds Movers makes moving stress-free, hassle-free, and affordable for seniors.

DS Movers have the strength and experience to pack and move it carefully and efficiently. We are experts in handling delicate and fragile items. We take the time to carefully identify and wrap delicate items to protect them during your move. There is nothing more distressing in a move than having a lot of broken things. And DS Movers goes above and beyond to make sure this doesn't happen to you or your precious belongings.

We think about your budget: special discounts on moving for seniors You will find that we are different from other senior moving companies because we take care of your needs and budget. With special senior moving discounts, we make sure you can get the help you need at a price you can afford. Moving is hard enough without having to worry about not being able to afford the help you need for a residential move. With our senior move-in discounts, you won't have to worry about breaking your bank or your back.

We care about you!

DS Movers offers full service moving solutions for seniors in the city. That means DS Movers can pack up everything in your house, move it to your new home, and unpack everything in a neat and organized way. All this so you can find everything in your new home. We can work with you to replicate how you had everything organized in your old space so your new place feels like home from the moment you move in. Moving to a new house can be scary. But with our senior moving services, you'll always have someone by your side to help ease your transition. Why? Because we care about you!

So when it comes time to move your elderly parents, don't do it alone. Call DS Movers for the easiest move of your life. And be sure to ask about our senior move-in discounts.

Our Values

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